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WeboConnect Technologies is an expert in delivering next generation care management applications to deliver meaningful care services.

We offer Care-as-a-Service (CAAS), a 360 degree platform to facilitate care management companies, billing practitioners & hospitals to manage all care related activities into the Care services continuum.

The idea of care management Application — managing a selected set of individual’s practitioners to focus on reduced cost and better quality of care to the patients.

Chronic Care management software

Chronic care control (CCM) services are commonly non-face-to-face offerings furnished to Medicare beneficiaries who have a couple of ( or greater) continual conditions expected to ultimately at least twelve months, or till the death of the affected person.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) acknowledges that CCM is a crucial component of primary care that promotes higher fitness and reduces usual fitness care fees.

Remote Patient Monitoring software

Remote patient monitoring software is designed for healthcare providers patience to manage health services remotely. These technologies reduce frequent emergency visits and hospital admissions. This is specially designed for chronic disease management and post-surgical recovery.


There are 4 CPT codes used to report 2 CCM services 1-Complex CCM services – (CPT-99490, 99491), 2- non-complex CCM services-(99487, 99489)


Subject Matter Expert

We have in-depth knoweldge of Care Services activities.

HIPPA Compliance

software made are HIPPA Compliance

Best User Experience design

Good User Interface design impact user’s perceptions before, during and after interaction

Application for both care manager & Patient

We provide interface for Care Manager & Patient to stay connected.

Device connected

Software to hardware connecting ability

Engaging tools

Two way sms, alert, notification & video integration to effectively engage users


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