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CCM Software

About the Software

CCM Software design to simplifies and streamlines the process of Chronic care management services & help you to connect with patients, improve results and maximize revenue.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) kingdom that a affected person with a persistent situation has two chronic non-stop or episodic fitness conditions that are predicted to last at least 12 months. The CMS recognizes chronic care management (CCM) as a essential factor of number one care that contributes to better health and take care of individuals.

We offer "ready to use" & "Custom developed applications" that helps Care manger services provider to generate and sustain maximize recurring revenue. We design it ready to use, software thathelp doctors to keep their patients connected.

These eight segments characterize CCM administrations:

  1. 24x7 access to care management administrations
  2. Progression of care
  3. Care management for chronic conditions
  4. Production of a patient-driven care intend to guarantee care is given consistently quiet decisions and qualities
    1. An arrangement of care ought to include:
      1. Issue list
      2. Anticipated result and guess
      3. Quantifiable treatment objectives
      4. Manifestation management
      5. Arranged intercessions
      6. Prescription management
      7. Network and social administrations requested
      8. Portrayal of outer assistance coordination
      9. People answerable for every intercession
      10. Necessities for occasional care plan survey and modifications (if appropriate)
  5. Management of care advances between and among healthcare suppliers and settings, including
    1. Referrals to different clinicians
    2. Follow-up after a patient visit to a crisis room
    3. Follow-up after releases from clinics, gifted nursing offices, or other healthcare offices
  6. Coordination with home and network based clinical specialist co-ops
  7. Upgraded open doors for a patient and any applicable caregiver to speak with the supplier in regards to the recipient's care
  8. Electronic catch and sharing of care plan data


For Care Manager (Web, Mobile)

Remote Management

Billing Management

Conversation Record

For Patient & Guardian (Mobile)

Daily & Weekly Report

Activities Notification


Software Maintenance & Upgradation

We not only develop we maintain, manage and upgrade CCM applications and tools.

We have a fully experienced and qualified team to handle such applications & tools. We really understand how this software function and how to take care of data.

We will work as an on-board remote white-label tech team to ensure the privacy of the organization. We will work toward your goal, with you as your own remote team to provide technical support.

We provide followings: -

  • CCM Applications Optimization
  • Bug Fixes & Enhancement
  • Server and Data migration
  • Technical Support


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