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Rpm is designed for timely health tracking and intervention

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Remote Patient Monitoring

About the Software

Remote patient monitoring software is designed for healthcare providers patience to manage health services remotely. These technologies reduce frequent emergency visits and hospital admissions. This is specially designed for chronic disease management and post-surgical recovery.

Its perfect blend of web & mobile-based platform to optimize remote monitoring.

Weboconnect can design and construct (as per the requirement) a remote patient monitoring machine that continuously monitors affected person’s physiological parameters. as an instance, a coronary heart patient’s vitals such as Blood strain (BP) and heart charge to govern his/her health circumstance.

Weboconnect is molding healthcare by means of changing verbose processes with the market’s maximum entire, patient-targeted, and holistic connected care platform. find out how we assist you to launch and scale comprehensive, effectual faraway care combinations that create unusual medical and financial ROI for chronic and post-acute care in addition to wellbeing control.


  • Reduced delivery fees
  • Precocious remedy
  • Reduced Readmission costs
  • High satisfactory medical facts interpretation for various medical facilities
  • Real time statistics list
  • Smooth integration with existing structures/EMR/EHR
  • Integration with various remote monitoring devices
  • Cloud based totally facts center for easy access and selection making
  • Robust analytics


  • Shortage of qualified, experienced and professional health workers in healthcare groups
  • The growing value of healthcare
  • Upward push in persistent conditions
  • The rise in Senior masses

Scheduling and automating affected person encounters to attach, interact, educate, manual, display and intervene offers you an extremely good pathway toward achievement.

Key features

1. Manage Care Plans
3. Manage Payments
5. Progress Analysis
2. Manage Patients as per the plan
4. Monitor Patients

Software Maintenance & Upgradation

We not only develop we maintain, manage and upgrade CCM applications and tools.

We have a fully experienced and qualified team to handle such applications & tools. We really understand how this software function and how to take care of data.

We will work as an on-board remote white-label tech team to ensure the privacy of the organization. We will work toward your goal, with you as your own remote team to provide technical support.

We provide followings: -

  • RPM Optimization
  • Bug Fixes & Enhancement
  • Server and Data migration
  • Technical Support


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