Embedded Software Outsourcing Services

Existek is a skilled embedded software outsourcing company providing the full-cycle of embedded software development services. We have extensive experience in the hardware and firmware design for IoT, industrial automation, telecommunications, and manufacturing.


We are the company that has the in-house resources and capabilities to create powerful hardware and sophisticated firmware from scratch as well as perform complex machine to machine integration leveraging the experience we have accumulated completing challenging technical tasks in dozens of projects for various industries.


Our dedicated team of embedded software engineers knows how to create a perfect synergy between the hardware and software to make your next product a new splash on the market with the excellent stability, advanced features, and the controls and interface that will bring your users to the next level of experience.


We span the full-cycle of the services needed to launch the device that exists only on the paper. Our team will help you during the whole process of creating a new product including drawing first blueprints, prototyping, testing, devising, manufacturing, and up to the production launch.


Working with Existek is a great choice if you need to perform machine to machine integration or customize your existing manufacturing hardware and firmware. We have a long track record of equipment modification for various industries and we know how to complete the most complex technical tasks.

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