Software Product Engineering Services

We know how to transform a pure essence of an idea into a brilliant software that makes an impact.

Our Software Product Engineering Services

Professional Team

Existek is a team of experienced software engineering professionals that’s delivered hundreds of projects, overcoming countless technical challenges. There’s literally nothing that can stop or slow down the offshore software product development process.

Cost and Time Effectiveness

Our software product development company is located in Eastern Europe and the operational effectiveness allows us to offer both low rates and excellent quality in your final product.

Quick Start

With our software product engineering services you bypass months of the recruitment process and avoid a lack of local professionals. You start quickly and with a well-established team of software development engineers and project management thus minimize risks.

Flexible Pricing

You can go with the fixed budget option and secure your project from creeping beyond the scope of the budget. Pick the time and material pricing model and pay as you go, locking in a clear project roadmap and estimation at the same time.

Our Advantages

Are you looking for a reliable software product development company experienced in providing software product engineering services? A group of software engineering professionals, who’ll take your intellectual property and overall success seriously. If yes, Existek can turn your outsourced product development project into a market-ready software solution. Here’s why.

  • Experienced Software Engineers, Business Analysts, Consultants and Project managers
  • QA and Support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with direct communication Reduced by 50% Time-to-Market with Existek’s software product development services
  • Reduced by 50% Time-to-Marked with Existek’s software product development services
  • Up to 50% development costs decrease
  • Secure processes and IPR Protection Framework
  • Direct communication and client-oriented approach
  • Transparent pricing and flexible engagement models

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