Company Overview

We are one of the premier software development companies with a focus on making custom software for our clients as per their needs and choices. We help them to expand their business and bring an outline to their vision. WebOConnect is specialized in providing IT Services to various industries such as Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, etc.

At WebOConnect, we aim at providing quality IT services to our clients always on time and at a very competitive price. We are here not for profit but to provide our clients a platform to experience top-notch online services. Professionalism and transparency are the core values of our organization. With an amazing grasp of the latest technologies, we strive for nothing less than the best!

We love to keep ourselves updated with rapidly changing technologies. This ensures that we can provide our clients with the services which are ready for the future. Our desire to do something unique in the IT industry is the driving force behind all our work. We are passionate, we are tech-savvy, we are eager to bring a change, and we are always hungry for more!

Custom Software Development

Center Of Excellence

    • Software Development

    Research and Development

    Innovation and creativity are always at the core of all our strategies.
    • Software Development

    Diverse Technological Frameworks

    Consistent expertise on updated technological frameworks.
    • software development company

    Technologies and Tools

    Exploration of new and advanced tools and technologies in the tech world
    • Mobile Apps Development

    Proof of Concept

    Development of a POC to demonstrate the functionality.
    • Custom Software Development

    Business and Intelligence

    Identification, discovery and analysis of business data in details.

Our Story

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  • Our growth at a glance

    We grew from 3 to 50 team members with various Part-timers/freelancers joining us as well!

    We grew from One office to 4 by collaborating, different team in different locations!

    We started taking care of payroll to project of every team.

    We started emphasizing on updated technologies. We moved from Php to node, react, python, etc.

    We are already progressing towards advancement by working with technologies like IOT, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain which are going to have a tremendous impact on IT industry in near future.

  • Our growth at a glance

    We started in 2014 with the brand name of Jyogme International, which was a brainchild of our founders. Our aim was to cater the needs of IT requirements and basic web services of overseas and domestic clients. We achieved some major feats during this phase. However, due to lack of practical management skills, lack of pace with technologies, and heavy reliance on external guidance we were not able to make it in the cut throat competition in the market.

  • Our growth at a glance

    Till 2017, we kept on working with esteemed passion and integrity. This resulted in more clients, new and updated technologies, challenging projects, knowledgeable and efficient team. Regular and constructive feedbacks from the clients helped us to improve ourselves. We started to focus on learning to grow stronger as an entity.

  • Our growth at a glance

    Our 3rd stint:- Started in Early 2018, this was a step to cement the trust and partnership showered on us by esteemed clients. We realized that we already had the most of resources, infra, client, work, project, etc to make an outstanding presence in the IT industry. It occurred to us that we can take the leap forward to take next phase, where we can target wider audience, we can go niche, define domain and work on enterprises level.

  • Our growth at a glance

    However, this is not just enough! We are hungry for more. We are aiming to have a lot more phases where we can keep learning, create our own products, collaborate with new business, and even acquire small companies as our supplement. We are now venturing new dimensions including but not limited to Iot, AI, and Big data. As we believe business is a journey with no limits and no ends! Our achievement so far has been possible only because of our outstanding team. Everyone from our team has contributed, put sweat n blood to make our dream possible.

Our Business Model

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Outsource Project
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White Label Partnership
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Product Partnership

Our Management Team

Software Development MD

Gaurav Kumar


A Doting Dad . Have got 15 years Experience in sales, marketing, consulting and managing overseas clients. Despite degree in Art, he has been able to learn aspect of technical business!

Having worked in various organizations comprising BPO, IT, hospitality and sales companies he has got a lot to share, and he believes in fair share, love to train and take initiative. He is experimental and is never afraid to try something new. He tries to instill confidence and motivation amongst the teammates.

A Word from Gaurav Kumar :- " We are here to make our clients happier and the business easy for everyone. We believe that nothing is constant and hence we focus on implementing and updating new technologies to be in par with the booming IT industry. Our way of doing things is our top most assets and we continue to improve ourselves day by day."

New Delhi ,India

Software Developer

Mikkel Lund Christensen

CMO & Co-Founder(Europe)

A Client's Guy. Have got 7 years Experience in hospitality & Customer serives and is a Quick learner for sure .

He is a good leader with a great overview, and he will always make sure your specific project will be followed all the way to the end. He is quicker learner and adopted IT very well.

A Word from Mikkel Lund Christensen :- "Our clients is first my goal and I believe in educating our clients first, so we can choose right tech stake together."

Horsens, Denmark

Software Developer

Nirbhay Kant


15 years Experience. Have Technical background and Degree, strong in Logic/Coding and communication.

A Friendly Father, Strong leader! Having worked in various IT companies, he is a visionary, technical smart and straight forward. During inception and journey in weboconnect, he has been able to develop Entrepreneurial skill and learn different aspect of business. He learned from the initial failure and has been through the ups and downs with a smiling face and sound determination.

A word from Nirbhay Kant :-" We are here to stay just because we understand business and know how to handle entire specs of technicalities. Our strength lies in the trust of our loyal and repeated clients. We have moved from rookie to fairly stable organization. We keep on learning and that is our secret to keep our client intact. We strongly believe in building relationship."

New Delhi ,India

Web Designing

Rajiv Ranjan Kumar


15 years Experience. Having background tech and degree in tech plus marketing and experience in Data Handling operation, finance, team, implementation and client communication.

A Responsibile Father, Down to Earth leader! Having worked in various IT, Sales & Deta Companies, he is composed and calm, technical smart and straight forward

At WebOConnect, he has developed as a composed and visionary leader. Been through various ups n down, learnt business and has developed entrepreneur skill and he is considered to be a no nonsense manager. He is great at handling Client relationship and develop practical business modules.

A Word from Rajiv Ranjan :- " We understand us, business, clients, technology and are dynamic, and yet stable team."

New Delhi ,India

Our Clientele

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