Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange

We develop Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange as you require it. Get it Quick and Secure in your budget. We make you trade securely with confidence.


Due to boom in crypto industry people are more inclined towards having digital assets. And the reasons are obvious that it’s easy and quick. We are here to make it secure for you.

For a promising future Crypto is entering in every industry with an assurance of quick payment solution. No matter you belong to ecommerce, retails, loan extra, or any other where transaction is the prime concern, we are there to assist you.

We put the control in your hands to purchase, vend and trade in digital currency securely.

We have worked so we understand every aspect of Crypto Exchange and learned to focus on two important aspect of crypto exchange development:

Crypto Wallet developed by us consist of BTC, ETH, LTC kind of digital wallet enables you to buy, send and receive securely.

Trading – a very crucial part of Seller / Buyers Match Engine.


  • We design to meet user’s expectations and yield profit for clients at the same time with various scope of revenue generation.
  • We provide custom solution in affordable budget and less time.
  • Our extensive experience in it assures positive results.
  • We have basic infrastructure ready like own created open source platform.
  • Our Custom Cryptocurrency Exchange and not the white label services gives you have every bit of right on code provided to you.

The Best Advantages We Offer:

  • CUSTOM - We include all your inputs from design to features to customize.
  • SCALABLE - We design considering scale up for future whether adding currencies, integration of 3rd party KYC/AML.
  • MARGINAL PRICE- Let you add some new features in very marginal price.
  • BROKER DASHBOARD- Unique feature we provide for commission management, manager/broker and users.
  • FAST & SMOOTH - Trading interface, high transaction per second.
  • SECURITY – Our priority to give with various authenticator on different levels with control.
  • FLEXIBLE BANKING – Choose as per your country currency preference.

Key Features

Multicurrency Wallet

Payment Gateway Integration

API Integration

Admin Backend

HTTP Authentication

Encrypted Data

Escrow System

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