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Wave farewell to the burdens of staffing tasks like manual matching, scheduling, and onboarding, and greet more moments and heightened efficiency.

We understand the challenges agencies face when it comes to matching health care staff to jobs, scheduling shifts, and managing payroll and compliance. We offer tailor-made and centralized solutions designed to save you time, increase productivity, and reduce the stress associated with these tasks.

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  • Matching

    Manual matching of healthcare staffs to jobs involves a tedious and time-consuming process of analyzing and comparing individual qualifications, experience, and preferences with the specific requirements of each job. This process often leads to errors due to the complexity and vast number of variables involved. Additionally, the manual approach can be highly inefficient, significantly wasting valuable time that could be better utilized in other critical tasks.

  • Onboarding

    An organization's lack of a centralized onboarding system creates several challenges and drawbacks. Firstly, it leads to inefficiency as each department or team may have its onboarding processes, resulting in duplication of efforts and wasted time. Secondly, inconsistencies arise when different managers or supervisors follow different onboarding practices, leading to a lack of standardization and confusion among new hires. Thirdly, without a centralized system, information gaps may occur.

  • Scheduling

    Manually scheduling healthcare staffs and managing their availability can be a complex and challenging task, often resulting in vacant shifts. When done manually, there is a higher risk of human error, such as miscommunication or overlooking certain factors, leading to gaps in the schedule. Coordinating and accommodating individual healthcare staff preferences, availability, and changing circumstances can be difficult to manage efficiently without the aid of automated systems.

  • Payroll Systems

    Integrating external third-party payroll systems with an organization's existing infrastructure can indeed present challenges. One of the key obstacles is software compatibility, as different payroll systems may have varying technical requirements, formats, or protocols that need to be aligned for smooth data exchange. Ensuring data synchronization between the organization's internal systems and the external payroll system can be complex, especially when it involves real-time updates or frequent data transfers.

  • Credential & Compliance

    Staying compliant with regulations and verifying credentials can be a complex task as regulations often evolve, requiring organizations to stay updated and adapt their processes accordingly. Additionally, managing individual credentials can be time-consuming, as they may expire or require renewal. The effort involved in maintaining ongoing compliance is essential to minimize potential risks, such as legal penalties, reputational damage, and compromised security. Proactive measures and automated systems can help streamline compliance efforts and mitigate potential challenges.


By partnering with Staffinc, enjoy a range of benefits

  • Centralize Solution

    Grow your business and expand your client base. Eliminate the burden of managing multiple technology infrastructure & softwares

  • Ease and Convenience

    User-friendly mobile app and web platforms for nurses, clients, and staff. Streamlined interactions and enhanced satisfaction

  • Time and Cost Savings

    Automation capabilities and technical expertise. Free up time for core business activities. Reduce costs associated

  • Tech Team Support

    Comprehensive support for migration, development, maintenance, and enhancement. A dedicated tech team ensures a smooth transition and ongoing assistance


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